About College

Established in the year 1983 as an infant institution by the local well-wishers to cater to the needs of higher education, Bamra Trust Fund College, Bamra has passed through a long period of success in the midst of struggle to grow up into an adolescent institution at present. Striving incessantly to inculcate the culture of a well-disciplined life and imbibing the values of hard work and inquisitiveness amongst the teen age students, this ever-growing institution is making rapid strides towards its all round development in infrastructure, staff position, students pass out rate, extra-curricular achievements and a lot others to attract the attention of the young and the old alike. Satisfying the thirst for higher education of the tribal and the economically most disadvantaged students in this tribal dominated area, this ever-dreaming institution goes on visualizing the glorious future for the immensely talented aspiring youths to build up a dynamic personality so as to reach the lofty heights in their careers. The function of IGNOU and the grants from UGC have added a new dimension to usher in a new era of progress and achievement not only in the field of acquiring knowledge but also in the field of putting the knowledge into practice.

Brief History of the College

Established in the year 1983, Bamra Trust Fund College, Bamra is situated around a sylvan background and verdure of fauna tropical forests and hillocks. The college building is approximately 0.5 kilo meter away from Bamra town by the side of Bamra-Kuchinda State Highway No. 31 connecting the State Highway between Sambalpur-Rourkela at Gariamal, 13 kilo meters away from Bamra and also connecting with National Highway-6 between Mumbai-Calcutta at Jamankira, 75 kilo meters away.

It provides teaching facilities in the +2 streams of Science, Arts and Commerce as well as in the +3 stream of Arts with Honours in the subjects Political Science, History and Odia. The IGNOU study center has also been functioning since the session 2006-07 catering to the educational needs of all those who are deprived of formal education.

The college was inaugurated in an occasion of enthusiasm and gaiety on September 2, 1983 in the midst of a mammoth gathering with solemnly performed rituals and rites.

At its inception, the college had a roll strength of only 51 number of students in I.A., +2 Arts, I.Com and +2 Commerce classes. Despite this humble beginning, there has been a rapid but steady improvement since then. The +2 Science Stream was opened and the +2 Commerce Stream was reopened during the academic session 1996-97. The present strength has gone up to more than 1000 with Honours facilities at Degree Level. Being located in an area predominantly inhabited by the tribal as well as economically backward and disadvantaged classes, the college provides unique opportunities to them for their higher education and thereby facilitating them to avail the berth in the mainstream of the society.

The foundation stone of the present massive and majestic building was laid down by the then hon’ble Chief Minister of Orissa, Sj. Hemananda Biswal on December 14, 1990 and it has started functioning since 1995 on the outskirts of Bamra (Govindpur) town near the “Baghpara Ghati”.


1. To imbibe the spirit of learning and to boost the sense of morality of the learners so as to develop them into responsible future citizens

2. To fill the learners with dreams and aspirations for the future

3. To create an atmosphere of mutual good will and friendship to foster knowledge in the midst of academic excellence

4. To make the learners the messengers of peace and brotherhood for the forth-coming years


1. To infuse a sense of commitment to achieve excellence in life

2. To develop a competitive spirit for future challenges

Governing Body

1. Sri Rajendra Chhatria - President
2. Principal I/C - Secretary(Ex-Officio)
3. Sri Kailash Chandra Raj - Member (Teacher’S Representative)
4. Smt. Lily Dash - Member (W)(Teacher’s Representative)
5. Sri Ramesh Ch. Sharma - Member (Non-teaching Staff Representative)
6. Smt. Puspanjali Dhurua - Member (Chairperson, Panchayat Samiti)
7. Sri Sashi Bhusan Sethi – Member (M.P. Nominee)
8. Mrs. Maithili Dandia - Member (W)(D.H.E.(O) Nominee)
9. Miss Arati Choudhury - Member (W)(Vice-Chancellor Nominee)
10. Sri Sushanta Majhi - Member (S.T.)
11. Md. Ishfaq - Member (Minority Community)
12. Sri Pradeep Kumar Mishra - Member (Donor)
13. Smt. Nirmala Kasyap - Woman Member
14. Smt. Manju Biswal - Woman Member

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