National Service Scheme

An N.S.S. Unit was started in Bamra Trust Fund College, Bamra in 1985.Now it has three units: two for boys and one for girls. Each unit consists of fifty volunteers. The motto or watchword of N.S.S. is “Not me but you”. It underlines that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependant on the welfare of the society on the whole.

OBJECTIVES: The broad objectives of N.S.S are –
1. To understand the community in which the individuals work
2. To understand themselves in relation to their community
3. To identify the needs and problems of the community and involve them in problems solving process
4. To develop among themselves a sense of social and civic responsibility
5. To acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.

The N.S.S. wing had undertaken income generation programme and entrepreneurship development. General D.I.C.,Sambalpur and DCO, KVIC, Branch Manager SBI, Bamra and other distinguished guests had actively participated in the programme and enlightened a new generation in present age.
The volunteers are presented to help in different programmes through soft skill learning. In 2008-09, entrepreneurship development through income generation programme was given importance. “Chitralipi” competition and employment assistance programme will be undertaken by N.S.S. Units. Students are advised to enroll their names in N.S.S. cell represented by programme officer Sri Nityanand Sethi, Lect. in History and Sri Pradipta Kumar Sahu, Lect. in Chemistry

Youth Red Cross

The Youth Red Cross Unit of Bamra Trust Fund College, Bamra was started in 2004-05. All the bonafide students of the college are the members of the unit. The basic objective of Red Cross is to serve the needy, enlighten the ignorant and foster friendship. Besides, it also aims at rending relief in times of natural calamities, ensuring proper treatment of poor patients, providing financial assistance to the poor, helping patients and rendering help in emergencies.

The Odisha state AIDS Control Society has recognized the college unit and provided it with Red Ribbon Club under which financial assistance is given to activate various awareness and training programmes.

The Youth Red Cross of Bamra Trust Fund College, Bamra has the credit to represent the Odisha team in All India Youth Red Cross training Camp at Amritsar from December 21 to December 31, 2012.

Thr College Unit is regularly organizing the voluntary Blood Donation Camp, observing World AIDS Day, road safety week etc. The unit also organized the district level study-cum-training camp for Youth Red Cross volunteers of Sambalpur district from January30, 2013 to February01, 2013.

Eco Club

Sponsored by the Department of Forest and Environment, Govt. of India, the Eco Club in Bamra Trust Fund College, Bamra was opened in the session 2004-05 with 45 number of students as its members under the inspiring guidance of Sri Debarchan Mahanandia, Lecturer in Odia as the incharge of this club having the objectives of disposal of garbage, fighting air pollution, providing civic amenities, maintenance of public parks and gardens and a lot of others relating to the cleanliness of the atmosphere. It has got commendable achievements in afforestation by planting seedlings on the both sides of the link road to the college and in organizing essay and debate competitions among the students to create environmental awareness among them.

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